It never ceases to amaze.

If I were to post all of the insanely infuriating and epically hypocritical ridonculi (that’s my plural for ridonculous) crap that HomeWrecker posts on any given day, it’d take up my whole blog. But one day, when I can summon the digestive fortitude required to sift through all that nonsense, I am going to dedicate an entire wing to her…leavings, if you will. Viewers will be advised to bring a baggie and a scoop. And maybe some thigh high waders.

But for now, I thought I’d just share this special gem.


She writes ‘oh hell yes !!!’. Her mom comments ‘Bingo’. I vomit in the corner, point to the sky, and say ‘Explain yourself, universe.’.

Let’s take a peek at how this SHOULD read, in a perfect world.


Yep. Whores’ll do it.

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