Snarky Gems!

 youre that  what you want to hear  war
 waking up  upset  infidel
 traumatized  thumbs down  4.5.2016 blog item
 swearing  so was i  revenge
 remember facts  shame on you  punch you

omg this is my life

 never think  neve  mean people
 light bulb  kermit  insult
 hate  hate love  free to choose
 fine  evil  despair
 crazy ex  cheaters  attitude
 bullshit  back was turned imagesHKN2DWYN
image image image
 pray  image  image
 the way they leave you  image  image
 image  image  got out of hand fast
 abandon fact  SAID NO CHILD  MATH IS HARD
 become a monster  8.3 post daughter future











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