Ongoing Series’s’s’s and Sagas

Welcome to the home of my very weird ongoing series (series’s? series’s’s’s?) that I’ve worked on over the years. In the first series, we detail the saga of woe – also known as the discovery of my husband’s betrayal and the mind-blowing events that followed shortly thereafter. Next, we track the inner workings of the three weirdos operating the control panel in my brain known as the ID, EGO and SUPEREGO. Have fun with that one. And last but not least, we have a series detailing the mind-numbing stupidity of Hutchins, a fictional character I’ve created with the express purpose of showing just how ridiculous the excuses that cheaters use to justify their behavior are. Enjoy! Or…whatever it is you feel reading this stuff. Nauseated? Sorry? Slightly hungry? All are welcome.

The epic(ish) five-part(ish) mini-series all about HomeWrecker’s antics, taunts, lies, mockery, and misdeeds…now with Dramamine for any unexpected nausea!

What’s this? I have voices in my head? Be quiet, you. Wait, who are you talking to? Exactly. Sigh. Anyway, pull up a chair and enmesh yourself into the world of the ID, EGO and SUPEREGO…

Oh, Hutchins, you anything-but-loveable scamp. Let’s see how your cheater-speak excuse-making works out for you in some other real world applications, shall we?

All done! Why not enjoy a palate cleanser after all of that nonsense? Here’s a bunny in a lettuce patch for ya.


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