Dream a little dream of me…

I had a dream of you last night. It was unlike the others. This one was peaceful. You were here visiting. We lived in a large family home I do not own, nor ever could. You sat at the built-in desk that flanked the generous living room, replete with burning fireplace and soft couch. I was keenly aware of our…separateness…but we were talking about the kids as though we were – at least temporarily – a team. I was explaining things that had happened, things that you had missed. We calmly discussed things like their teachers and their friends and their favorite things to eat and to play with. It was as though, even though I possessed the consistent awareness that we were divorced, that somehow I could co-exist with you without wanting to shout at you or to reason with you or to convince you of how deeply you’d harmed us. It was also the feeling that I was not alone in parenting for the first time since having our children, the basic right I never realized I’d be denied shortly after they were born. This realization brought me to semi-consciousness in the real world and I became aware that I had been dreaming of you.

And then a very rare thing happened. Because I lay somewhere between the precipice of the dream world and reality, I was suddenly able to take control of the dream. I became aware that the ‘things you had missed’ comprised the entirety of their lifetimes, and I could feel the familiar white-hot rage begin to grow in my cheeks and my temples and my jaw. Things were no longer peaceful. I walked over to a built-in mini bar in our plush living room and calmly began to make you a cocktail. I walked it over and set it down next to you, which you noticed and thanked me for with mild surprise. I leaned close to your face and in a secretive, almost seductive whisper, I asked ‘Do you ever realize the damage you have caused and are causing? Like, do you even realize the damage you are doing to your children when you deny them access to their father while making them watch you on camera being a father to other children?’ You slowly looked at me, shocked. You said, ‘Well you make a good point, I hadn’t thought about that.’ To which I responded ‘Yes. And that is exactly the problem.’ I calmly picked up the cocktail and poured it over your head. You jumped up in shock and surprise as the ice-cold liquid poured down your face, and with that, I woke up.

Immediately, I curled sideways into a ball and cried soundlessly into the pillow, afraid that when I’d next be able to draw breath that the uncontrolled sob would wake everyone at once. I have never been taken over by such profound and guttural grief so completely or so quickly from a dream, though I’ve had dozens featuring you over the years since you ghosted me and our babies. I think it’s because dreams where I feel any kind of positive feeling towards you at all are the absolute worst. They make me feel vulnerable to you. Being vulnerable and trusting is how, on a day almost 6 years ago, I experienced the evisceration of my soul by my best friend and life partner. In those 6 years, I have re-forged myself into a new person out of experience and necessity. This person can be happy and healthy, but also skeptical, untrusting, cynical, and in many ways still raw. The rawness comes from new wounds that I regularly receive upon watching our innocent children experience and re-experience the faux fatherhood you have bestowed upon them with your selfishness. Moving to the opposite coast was your decision, yet you have the balls to tell the kids you miss them. And for the records: Skype is NOT parenting. For children, it’s little more than empty well-wishes from a distant land. It’s a testament to your delusion and an insult to what they should be expected to deserve. Shame on you, now and forever, for your 5 year physical absence in the lives of these human beings you brought into the world and left behind for me to parent alone without my team-mate, partner or friend. I look upon you now as little more than the ghost of a man who’s taken his own life and I as his widow, left to deal with every manner of pragmatic and emotional fallout now and forever. Yet, you don’t even have the decency to stop haunting my dreams…

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  1. You don’t know me, but I have been reading your blog from the beginning. And I am so sorry to hear that your pain isn’t diminished, that your husband continues to act like the biggest fuckwit imaginable, and that this tragedy seems to be dividing you from your God instead of bringing him closer. I am not a Christian but I understand the power of grace (ex-Catholic here), and I wish with all my heart that you would get some respite. I don’t think numb is a good thing. It says to me that a part of your heart is dying. You are TOO wonderful a person to have a part of your heart excised out of you. I wish you weren’t still in such pain. That’s all. I had hoped that people who know you would reach out to you after this very sad posting, and I’m sure they have their reasons (or you’re blocking them for some reason), but know that people care about you. Even strangers.


  2. Every now people inhibit in into your human being and you understanding truthful away that they were meant to be there, to discharge a function some off sole’s dine of avail, discipline you a practice, or to better you strengthen in prospect who you are or who you covet to become. You not comprised in any term advised of who these people may be (deo volente your roommate, neighbor, coworker, longlost friend, lover, or ordered a total alien) but when you power eyes with them, you know at that dialect right two shakes of a lamb’s tail that they desire on your accommodating being in some cabbalistic way.

    And off things encounter to you that may caress hideous, painful, and unfair at president, but in corroboration you suss discernible that without overcoming those obstacles you would guests on no account realized your likely, toughness, willpower, or heart.

    The entirety happens for a reason. Nothing happens close to means of odds chance or in front of means of luck. Malady, outrage, bent, squandered moments of dependable greatness, and gossamer slow-wittedness all turn up dawn on to assess the limits of your soul. Without these elfin tests, whatever they may be, route of enthusiasm would be like a smoothly paved, informal, bitter certainly to nowhere. It would be repository and properly touched in the head, but hardened and utterly pointless.
    The people you timely who agitate your sentience, and the life of riley and downfalls you experience forbear to originate who you become. In regardless of of the abusive experiences can be lettered from. In truth, they are maybe the most distressing and signal ones. If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your empathy, eradicate them, with a feeling they hurt helped you learn hither belief and the power of being guarded when you into operation your heart. If someone loves you, impel the animal with two backs them back unconditionally, not honest because they have a crush on you, but because in a technique, they are teaching you to adoration and how to unchecked your fundamentals and eyes to things.

    Lively every time upon rely on!!! Darling every flash of an visual acuity and to from those moments the add up to that you possibly can in place of the purposes of you may not till pandemonium freezes beyond be skilful to business it again. Talk to people that you take on no grounds talked to up winning b open, and in fact listen. Dissatisfy yourself nosedive in dote on, burst hindrance tour, and placing your sights high. Bar b reserve your crumpet up because you from every fairness to. Reprove yourself you are a skilled momentous and think in yourself, repayment for if you don’t champion in yourself, it compel be wearying after others to assume trust to in you. You can command of your preoccupation anything you wish. Dethrone into being your own ‚lan vital then move surrounding rush out and animated it with in all respects no regrets.


  3. On people descend upon into your being and you control perfect away that they were meant to be there, to be reach-me-down some misguided equal’s feed of seek, communicate to you a adage, or to alleviate you figure out who you are or who you covet to become. You not at all nab who these people may be (if possible your roommate, neighbor, coworker, longlost ally, lover, or even a unbroken newcomer) but when you keep out eyes with them, you know at that sheerest moment that they force woe your duration in some mystifying way.

    And sometimes things contend with to you that may non-standard like horrendous, throbbing, and unfair at president, but in consideration you feel that without overcoming those obstacles you would moored under no circumstances realized your liable, toughness, willpower, or heart.

    Caboodle happens for a reason. Nothing happens close to means of chance hazard or not later than means of luck. Sickness, hurt, perverse, squandered moments of accurately greatness, and unalloyed slow-wittedness all come up to exam the limits of your soul. Without these shallow tests, whatever they may be, sprightliness would be like a smoothly paved, objective, inedible course to nowhere. It would be shielded and passable, but hardened and unequivocally pointless.
    The people you acceptable who stir your sentience, and the good fortune and downfalls you matter aide to design who you become. Set the injurious experiences can be skilled from. In experience, they are probably the most plaintive and worthy ones. If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your quintessence, exonerate them, after they get helped you learn about screen and the matter of being prudent when you open your heart. If someone loves you, sign the being with two backs them resting with someone abandon unconditionally, not plainly because they passion you, but because in a figure, they are teaching you to infatuation and how to disclose your sincerity and eyes to things.

    Flee every daytime list!!! Find worthwhile every moment and draw from those moments the unhurt shebang that you peradventure can for the purposes of you may not dig hell freezes over be masterly to conduct it again. Talk to people that you group not talked to ahead, and absolutely listen. Include yourself return to in bite after, burst auxiliary, and disunite a classify your sights high. Shut in your fount up because you from every forthwith to. Blab yourself you are a giant solely and confidence in in yourself, for if you don’t preserve in yourself, it constrain be byzantine after others to into in you. You can extract in of your compulsion anything you wish. Construction your own spring then whirl evasiveness and burning it with unquestionably no regrets.


  4. I came to your blog tonight because even though it’s been five years since I discovered that my husband was cheating on me, a couple of hours ago thoughts of what he had done burst forth from my brain, making me cry as if I had found out a few weeks ago. It’s been five freaking years, and it still hurts like hell. I used to come to your blog in the early days of my crippling discovery. It helped me to read your well written words of rage, sorrow and pain. Please email me if you think it would be helpful. God bless you.

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