Selective Victimization and You!

Selective Victimization: This occurs when an aggressor selectively chooses what part of the narrative to display to the world in order to appear the victim, while omitting the critically important part of the narrative that reveals their true role as perpetrator.

Example 1: A wolf, while chasing a rabbit to eat for its dinner, cuts its paw on a rock. The wolf then goes back to the den and tells 87 other wolves that there’s this rabbit that was mean to him and gave him an owie for no good reason while he was minding his own business in the woods. The other wolves then unknowingly provide sympathy and support that isn’t deserved.

Example 2: A homewrecker, while knowingly crushing a family under her stripper shoes, got her feelings hurt when the wife pointed out what kind of person that makes her. Homewrecker then goes back to her laptop and tells 87 other people on Facebook that there’s this woman that was mean to her and hurt her feelings for no good reason while she was minding her own business living with her married boyfriend. The other FaceBookers then unknowingly provide sympathy and support that isn’t deserved.


One thought on “Selective Victimization and You!

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