Twu Wuv Vows? — ChumpLady.com

Dear Chump Lady, Six years ago I went full out marriage CSI detective and uncovered a long term, on and off affair my then-wife had been having. It was a sprawling, traumatic mess for my children and me. Many narcissist-fueled crimes against truth and empathy were committed that are all too familiar to this blog’s…

via Twu Wuv Vows? — ChumpLady.com

I so love Chump Lady. She poses a fair question and a great exercise in all things ludicrous. My response to the question of what kind of ‘twu wuv’ vows unrepentant cheaters can be answered in a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago, ‘The Unholy Union’. An oldy but goody! Cheers – Ex Wife



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