Traitor, thy name is husband…

This was the email I sent to Honey around 2 weeks after he left, just after I’d found HomeWrecker’s FaceBook profile.



Ha ha haaaaa haaaa ha ha!! Ohhhh, HomeWrecker. You’re hilarious. Can I let you in on a little secret? Lean in real close: I KNOW THE FEELING.



Awww! She was missing her boyfriend. Of course, that boyfriend was my HUSBAND at home asleep in our bed. I know, long distance DOES suck. Especially since there’s women out there that have no respect for marriage and will insert themselves repeatedly into a man’s life when they have no right to do so and won’t back off. Oh and hey! You and I had sex the day before she posted that. So there’s some double irony to be enjoyed here.

image2 - Copy

Powerful enough to destroy families and level small villages! It’s ok, me and the babies, we’re just collateral damage. No big deal.


It’s like a blast of classiness and WTF and irony, all rolled up into one big, adulterous funball. This is who you left our beautiful family for, Honey?

image3 - Copy

I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your horrific grammar and nonsensical ‘words of wisdom’, HomeWrecker. Here’s some wisdom: Don’t sleep with my husband! Love is a verb! Marriage is sacred and is forever! Don’t have a hand in ripping apart a family with babies! Ah, never mind. Logic like that is outside of her pay grade.
love note
I have no words sufficient to describe your treachery. Was your daughter on your freakin lap when you wrote this? This was the day I threw Baby Girl’s birthday party. I was out shopping for the stuff to make cupcakes, and you had the kids. So you plopped your kids you hadn’t seen in 5 months down to pen this to your mistress? Do I even have to tell you how disgusting that is? Can someone please remove the knife that’s sticking out of my back, please? Anyone?? And why is she posting this love note from you on FB? What is wrong with this disrespectful chick?!
image5 - Copy
And the irony just keeps on coming. If by ‘spoiled’ you mean betrayed and lied to and abandoned, then I sure am, HomeWrecker!
image6 - Copy
Awww! Even if they’re someone else’s husband.
image7 - Copy
Oh but you may soon remedy that detail, I see, if classy pants gets her dream ring. Your new insta-family will be so thrilled. THEY may get a shiny new daddy! Will you please excuse me? I have to go throw my guts up in the corner now before Baby Girl and Little Man wake up.

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    • I am not one to judge physical beauty much (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say) but if I were judging her strictly on looks without knowing her, I wouldn’t say she’s that bad looking (though this pic wouldn’t be flattering to anyone ‘cept the dog). But since I know her to be such a vile human being, she has become hard for me to even look at…because I know what’s happening under the surface. There beats an cold, cruel, indifferent heart. That would make anyone ugly.

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