HomeWrecker: The Big Game (pt. 3 of 5)

This is a reblog of Part 3 of my mini-series. Gearing up mentally for the long overdue Part 5. In it, I will detail how HomeWrecker has taken to repeatedly calling my children ‘hers’ on Facebook. Would you like to know how it felt to see her post picture of a homemade Christmas ornament picturing her 3 kids alongside my 2 children with the caption ‘I love all of my children!’, and named them one by one? If so, tune in for Part 5, coming soon. I’ve only put off writing it because I’m out of my anti-nausea medication and smelling salts. I don’t dare wade into this crapstorm without a way to keep my waffles down.

Honey and the Homewrecker.


Winning!! Duh.

Isn’t that the name of the game? Winning? Do you know of any athletes that bleed and toil and rise at dawn for practice every day for decades that really don’t mind losing? Do we cheer for our favorite teams, indifferent to their success or failure? Of course not. After all, who doesn’t love watching the big World Series win, replete with a teary eyed pitcher thanking God and his team, insistent it wasn’t his efforts that got him there…as we all sit there eating our wings and our nachos, feeling good about his triumph as a collective body of sports fans? We can’t get enough of winning.

But we like our winners…humble. We like ’em gracious when they trounce their opponent in the big game. We’d like those folks who burned with laser focus on that win for years to suddenly shuffle their feet in the dirt and mumble ‘aw…

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  1. How would I feel? Sort of like I felt when I got a note telling me that Loser was taking his WTC to spend the holidays with MY children and what a wonderful time they were going to have. Then, to add insult to injury, “she” asked me what I was going to be doing.
    They’re real pieces of work, aren’t they?

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    • Uuuuggggghhhh. That’s flat out awful! To quote a fellow chump, they ‘co-opt the good will of innocent children who don’t know any better.’ They think if enough time passes, they can do normalize it all. That days and weeks and months will somehow magically perform reputation and image and character repair. You know…lazy and presumptuous and entitled, just like in every other area of life. Sorry to hear it but thank you for sharing that. Makes me feel less alone to be sure!


  2. Does she ever check out your FB page because if so I’ve got some memes for her!

    In the end she can say whatever she’d like. She’s as much your kids’ mother as I am the Virgin Mary. I just saw a saying that I think fits this perfectly. You can stick a flower up your ass and call it a vase but it’s not. Your kids couldn’t pick her out of a lineup. YOU are their mom and their only sane parent. You don’t ever have to worry about her replacing you; she couldn’t if she tried. HomeWrecker is simply putting on yet another act. She is disgusting. Too bad you can’t ask her why she only spends a few hours a year with her two wonderful children!


    • Preach!! Love this, thanks. I LOL’d about the vase. See? This is how you use LOL, people. When you ACTUALLY laugh out loud at something funny while sitting at your kitchen table drinking coffee. NOT when you don’t actually laugh, but can’t think of a more appropriate response. Say, the doctor says I’ve got shingles LOL. Nope. You’re doing it wrong.

      Honey started using LOL like mad near the end, undoubtedly having picked it up from HomeWrecker who uses it like a period at the end of a sentence. I wondered (of course in my blissful ignorance) where in the world my construction worker husband had picked up the (over)use of LOL. Excuse me, won’t you? I’m gonna get in my time machine and go back to slap the shit out of myself for being SO. DAMN. BLIND.


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