for my littles

And when I feel hopeless, they are my hope.

And when I feel sadness, they are my joy.

May they always find rest in knowing how much I love them.

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    • Thank you, Someone! Just thinking about how to address that very thing recently. They don’t call. Ever. At worst, they’ve just dropped out of the kid’s lives. At best, they are passive-aggressively leaving it to me to keep in contact (though I’m just a TAD busy these days) so that if I fail, they can play the victim. Just like their son does. Look, I know I may sound crazy, or jaded, or spiteful when I say something theoretical like that which impugns a person’s motives without proof. But I honestly am careful to weigh so many factors before I just throw an accusation like that out there.
      I say this because it turns out that Pops is a heartless s.o.b. just like his son (which I found out lying in a hospital emergency room on my way to emergency surgery as I intercepted an email where Pop told Honey that he should try to ‘take the kids’ because the amount of child support my state says he should pay is ‘outrageous’, and because I ‘must not care about the kids’ because my FaceBook post about lamenting missing a barbecue with friends didn’t specifically say the kids would be going with me, which of COURSE they were) So, gag. He’s not who I thought he was, to say the least. So dropping contact with his grand-babies should not surprise me, but as with everything in this craptastic story, I am still floored by the treatment we have received from these sub-humans.
      And, thank you. They are beautiful little human beings and I’m honored to be their mommy.


      • It is their son’s responsibility to manage a relationship with the kids and his parents. But sense he can’t manage a relationship with the kids himself…. We all know that isn’t going to happen. Shame on the grandfather for saying that about custody.
        Speaking of child support — any movement towards getting that resolved.

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      • True story. 🙂

        HomeWrecker put a financial injury claim on the tax return money that the Dept of Child Support was able to snag. This means it now gets put on hold for 6 months. Thanks, HomeWrecker! I suspected that she would go full dirtbag on me, and she didn’t disappoint.
        Meanwhile, not a dime of child support in over 2 months, $25K in arrearages and growing…


  1. Thank you so much! DARLING…that’s the perfect word. I have a cute overload function in me that makes me want to bite all things darling. Don’t know why, just always have. Kittens, a duckling stuck in a teacup, miniature Christmas towns, and yes, my children. When they do something cute, which is pretty much always, I say ‘Get over here! I’m going to dunk you in my coffee and chomp you.’ They run away in feigned terror at being chomped like a cookie, but laughing hysterically all the way. If they were a food group, they’d be in real trouble. 🙂


  2. Adorable!!!
    Their father is missing so much! But assholes don’t understand that you don’t get another chance at making memories with children when their still young. It’s now or never. His loss!!! Your children are better off with one sane parent.

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    • Thanks, Renee. It kills me, largely because he’s so nonchalant about the whole thing. No, asshat, you did NOT have the right to extricate yourself from your children’s lives for NO GOOD REASON. You’re right, they just don’t get it.


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