And for spare parts, we’re broken up…

There are literally hundreds of gut-wrenching songs that I’ve ambled through in the last three years as I’ve processed what’s become of my life after Honey’s departure. Most are now attached to such acutely painful moments that I can no longer bear to hear them; they’re imprinted with too much suffering now.

But there is one song – literally only one – that I have never tired of. It is my anthem. It’s not a song that inspires or uplifts. It’s a song that just says ‘it is what it is’ in the most profoundly comforting way, even though that may not make sense to you initially upon hearing it. It merely acknowledges how messed up and unfair things are with no other pretext, and for whatever reason, that is exactly what I love about it the most.

It is best listened to, loud, with your full attention through a pair of good headphones. Oh, and because there’s this one teeny tiny other little issue, um…he says the F word, like, a bunch of times. If that’s not your cup of tea, please kindly move on. Nothing to see here!

Meaning of ‘Black Swan’: an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences….


Please comment and let me know how you’re doing in your journey, and what you thought about Thom Yorke’s ‘Black Swan’. I’ve also got a break-up playlist you can peruse with lots of other gems. Click this link: Let’s Get Low.


Album Credit: The Eraser

Artist Credit: Thom Yorke (lead singer of Radiohead)


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