Love and Marriage in the New Millennium

My definition of love and marriage:

A sacred permanent covenant made between three parties: me, you, and God. Creates a bond so strong that it cannot be broken unless the biblical grounds for divorce are met. The oath made before God and our families is the literal depiction of our sacred honor as human beings. Therefore, breaking this oath is to be taken extremely seriously. Feelings that wax and wane in marriage are to be ridden out like waves on the sea. Feelings do not rule our choices to go or stay. God’s word, our sacred promise to Him and each other, and His great love for us do. God is the glue of our marriage, not our nebulous and ever-changing emotions. Happiness is derived from living a God-honoring life, and is not our sole aspiration in this world. True happiness is actually a byproduct that naturally flows out of a life of duty, honor, commitment, and self-sacrifice.

Society’s definition of love and marriage:

A promise made between two parties: me and you. Creates a bond we try our best not to break. The oath made before our friends and family is important. Breaking this oath shouldn’t be taken lightly. But feelings change, and following our bliss is the most important thing. If we decide to leave, it is justifiable as long as it is in order to be true to our feelings. Sensations are the glue of our marriage, and if those sensations change, we may justify destroying homes and families and children’s lives under the almighty banner of ‘happiness’.

Honey’s definition of love and marriage:

No, it’s down, left, down, right and THEN shoot. What you’re doing will allow you to dual-wield the plasma canon, but you won’t get any experience points unless you blow up the bridge AFTER the gate is breached. Can you pass the Fritos? The cord on my Xbox controller can’t reach.



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  1. I hope there’s no vendetta between you and video games, and I don’t include Call of Duty in that statement. Quite frankly, I played that game only a few times and was not appealed whatsoever. I’ve always been more of a Nintendo kind of guy anyway. (Did you snack on those Fritos as well?…)

    In all seriousness, however, I do see that you are genuine (maybe it’s because I’m sarcastic as well?). I’ve read through most of your posts. Can I say that I appreciate the effort that you are putting into your children?


    • No, video games and I are a little too close of friends, actually. I’m a closeted MineCraft mom. My castles and extensive mining systems are quite breathtaking if I do say so myself. And more than once, Frito mojo has found its way onto my Xbox controller when I’ve been the only one around…

      Thanks for the kind words! Love me some little people. Today, I took them to get belt tested in karate and they both got their orange belts! Then to Cars 3, then Ruby’s Diner. Home for a nap and some MineCraft, then out to dinner at Souplantation. Upon arriving home and asking Little Man to get his (what else? MineCraft) jammies on, he announces that he’s hungry. I tell him it’s past their bedtime and we’ve just come from an all you can eat restaurant where he announced he had a ‘food baby’ he was so full, so no, there’ll be no snacks. He then announced that I was the ‘worst mom in the world’ and that I was ‘being super mean’. So, while childhood and its mysteries confound and bemuse me, I remain anchored in knowing that while I may not be perfect, at least I’m the one that’s HERE. That shows up and works their a** off just to be told I suck. Little Man, having the giant heart that he has, immediately broke down sobbing in guilt. We prayed about it and I forgave him and he fell asleep smiling as I rubbed his back. A day in the life. Blessings, and thanks…


      • LOL 😀 I couldn’t help but have a big ol’ smile on my face reading that!

        Maybe if you could post a picture of one of your castles? That would be nice! I’d like to see it. (You can’t just SAY that they’re breathtaking without piquing my curiousity just a tiny bit!)
        I enjoy Minecraft as well, I think it’s fun. On my 360, I have a profile where I’m trying to mine the entire world. Needless to say, it’s taken me a lot longer than I thought haha
        (By the way, I’m an organic kind of guy, but in my more ignorant youth, I would be frequently seen with the BBQ curly fritos… too bad Whole Foods hasn’t made its own version of that [or is that a good thing?] )

        HAHA Minecraft pajamas? How sweet.

        “I tell him it’s past their bedtime and we’ve just come from an all you can eat restaurant where he announced he had a ‘food baby’ he was so full, so no, there’ll be no snacks. He then announced that I was the ‘worst mom in the world’ and that I was ‘being super mean’”

        Don’t feel too bad, he may be expressing discontent from not fulfilling a fleeting desire for food, and the “little man” is expressing it in the way that a little man can. I’m sure many children have said that they “hate” their parents or something along the lines of such things, but in reality they really don’t. In fact, they love their parents more than anything. He just sees you as the thing standing in the way of accomplishing a “goal.” He’ll forget about it.


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